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Hydroseeding service for Southern Oregon area

Achieve a lush, healthy lawn at an affordable price for your home or business with our expert hydroseeding services in Medford, Oregon. We specialize in hydroseeding to create stunning lawns in just a few weeks. Experience the beauty of a flourishing landscape with our efficient and cost-effective hydroseeding solutions.

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What is hydroseed?

Hydroseeding, a highly effective planting technique, involves applying a slurry composed of water, seeds, mulch, fertilizer, and a tackifier evenly onto the ground. This process utilizes a trailer-mounted tank to transport the mixture to the job site, where it is then sprayed over carefully prepared ground, creating a uniform layer. With Hydroseeding in Medford, Oregon, and Hydroseeding Erosion in Ashland, you can enjoy the benefits of this method. When adequately cared for, your property can exhibit visible signs of growth in as little as 7 days, showcasing a thriving and lush landscape. Trust our expertise in hydroseeding to transform your land into a beautiful, green oasis.

Our Services

New Lawns 

Enhance your landscape with Hydroseeding in Medford, Oregon, providing a unique opportunity to tailor the look and feel of your lawn. 

Erosion control

Our erosion control services are designed to manage the critical interaction between your landscape and water, whether it's from rain, flooding, or other sources.

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