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Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Design Options in Southern Oregon

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Retaining options

Drawing from a vast array of materials—spanning the steadfast reliability of concrete interlocking blocks, the natural allure of wood, the perennial grace of stone, to the enduring beauty of brick—they craft designs that resonate with the region's vibe, oscillating between cutting-edge modern to the rustic and organic. Recognizing the importance of affordability, these experts commit to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality or choice of material. Their expertise isn’t confined to just building; they also offer comprehensive services including installation, repair, excavation, and grading for a myriad of retaining wall styles.

Delving into the popular retaining wall styles in Southern Oregon:

  • Stone Veneer Retaining Walls: Captivating with its blend of natural stone beauty and unwavering solidity.

  • Brick Retaining Walls: A testament to evergreen charm and resilience.

  • Wood Retaining Walls: Infusing spaces with a rustic and natural ambiance.

  • Stone Retaining Walls: Perfectly uniting functionality with the untamed elegance of raw stones.

  • Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks: Versatile in design while ensuring steadfastness.

  • Poured Concrete Walls: Exemplifying uniformity combined with robust strength.

Comprehensive Guide to Our Retaining Wall Installation Process:

  1. Establishing a Solid Retaining Wall Base: A firm foundation is the cornerstone of a durable retaining wall. To ensure longevity, the blocks must be meticulously set below ground level, proportionate to the planned height of the wall. Recognizing the significance of a robust base, our seasoned builders prioritize this step, ensuring the wall's stability and performance over time.

  2. Efficient Backfill Compaction: Behind every retaining wall lies a layer of soil known as backfill. Our adept landscaping team calculates the optimal amount of backfill required, guaranteeing not only support but also the requisite drainage for your landscape.

  3. Strategically Designing Drainage Channels: Water retention can be a retaining wall's undoing. With the understanding that water won't naturally seep through the wall, we tailor our designs to incorporate effective drainage channels. By utilizing the right quantity of backfill, integrating drainage pipes, or crafting perforations, we ensure the prevention of undue pressure, cracks, or distortions in your wall.

  4. Calibrating the Ideal Retaining Wall Height: The structural integrity of the wall is directly influenced by its height. Typically, residential retaining walls in the Southern Oregon region hover around 3-4 feet in height, eliminating the need for supplementary reinforcements. However, for those requiring loftier constructs, especially for commercial spaces, we are adept at devising and executing designs that cater to enhanced engineering needs.

Retaining Walls Options

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